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We will pick one winner at the end of each month. In the meantime we've prepared a couple of flash sales you'll only see on this page if you want to take action today and receive a custom painting!

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Daniel Buja

I requested a custom portrait because I wanted a piece of art that not only remined me of my culture and home but also who I was as a person. Marcia is one of the best artists I have come across. Her skill, talent and ability to clearly portray another person's life is powerful.

Arri Bagah

Marcia is an amazing artist, she's very proffessional and fast in delivering the best quality artwork. She was able to capture everything that I wanted by working step by step with me, sending me updates along the way so that she was confident in creating something I loved. If you're looking for artwork I would definetly recommend her.

Paul Kerr

This is one of the greatest gifts that I could give to my students. Over the years we had built such a strong bond and relationship that I had to get them something that represented this bond for their graduation. Marcia captured this beautifully and I'm very very happy with what she delivered. Thank you Marcia!

Alexandra Dexter

I chose Marcia to create this artwork for me becauseher work really resonated with me in my spiritual journey and all of her creations are absolutely beautiful. Marcia was such a pleasure to work with.When she completed this piece it was absolutely perfect and just what I hoped for. I am still in love with this piece and so thankful it was created by such an amazing human. Marcia is so kind and easy to work with.I 100% recommend working with her on anything you want to create as she is excellent on making these dreams real and adjusting things if needed.

Kerry Larke

Marcia's beautiful spirit and heart is encapsulated in all of her work. I lost my mum a few days years ago and this artwork of me and my mum, taken from two photos I sent to Marcia of when we were both the same age. I will cherish this piece of art forever, it means so much to me. More than words can say. This beautiful piece of art makes me smile everyday remembering my mum is one of my most treasured possessions.

Korey Thibodeaux

I wanted a custom painting to give to my father for Christmas. Marcia has amazing work, and I hoped she could bring this art to life for me. Me and my dad had no pictures together when I was a toddler or even as a kid. All I can say is that she went above and beyond, not only did she make the artwork look very realistic but added everything I wanted perfectly with great detail. The reaction from my father was everything that I could wish for. It not only strengthened our bond but brought the whole family closer. Thank you Marcia for making this possible.

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