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The artist

Marcia Annor is a positivity enthusiast, known for her eye-catching and beautiful spiritual home décor wall art designs.

She aims to bring positivity into the world one piece at a time by creating unique art for the uprising of humanities consciousness. 

Marcia studied Fine art & Art history at school before going on to study Animation at University. In 2016 she graduated with a Bachelors degree and hasn't looked back. She has worked with major brands such as Penguin Random House and Tumblr!

Early Years

Born in Ghana and raised in London, Marcia’s story as an artist starts from a young age with an inspiration to tell the stories around her through art. All her different artistic styles including animation and digital art come together to express the innate humanity in each one of us. In her art, you will find fragments of people you meet every day and their lives.

Her commitment to human emotions is what makes her art truly distinct and authentic. Add a piece of her vibrant and exciting art through one of the many artforms and products available for purchase in addition to original canvas paintings. Her work is a testament to her unique imagination, beautifully crafted into art masterpieces.

Mission Statement

Marcia's Divinity is focused at delivering aesthetically pleasing and expressive modern art to those with an eye for premium paintings and framed prints.

It's collection is aimed at a diverse and vast audience looking for an original artwork or print for their home or offices.

It's objective is to offer a wide variety of themes around spirituality through original paintings and prints. At Marcia’s Divinity, we help people express themselves through art that speaks to them and gives them meaning.

Marcia’s messages and pieces are unique, bold and overwhelmingly positive. They're designed to strike you, stop you in your tracks and help you realise that you are one with everything around you.

No matter what you may be going through, the light always shines within.

It's just a case of realising it, then grasping hold of it as tight as you can and never letting go. Her designs on your wall are there to help you remember that!


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